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Dr. Irwin and her staff have been providing cosmetic dermatology services at our Seattle office for over ten years.

Mole removal is done during the months of October thru May unless your provider approves otherwise. We can remove up to 3 moles at one visit. It is recommended to have no sun exposure for 1-2 months post mole removal. No exercise for 3 days post mole removal except walking.

What to expect

  • You are always trading a mole for a scar. The goal is for the scar to be much less visible than the mole.
  • There is always a small chance the mole could grow back.
  • The site could remain pink for several months.
  • The site can occasionally turn tan or brown, especially if sun gets on it the 1st

Click here to see much more information on moles in Dr. Irwin’s In Depth article on Moles, Lumps, and Bumps at her website, SkinTour.com.

Cosmetic Mole Removal

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