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Why get your Botox at Madison Skin & Laser Center? Read about the difference between average Botox and great Botox at Dr. Irwin’s dermatology office in Seattle.

Botox & Dysport Seattle

Why get your Botox at Dr. Irwin’s medical office in Seattle?

There is a huge difference between average Botox and great Botox. Average Botox gives the same standard injections to everyone. If you have frown lines, you will get the same four or five injections that everyone gets for their frown lines. The Best Botox, in contrast, gives you a customized set of injections designed to relax the muscles that cause wrinkles while still allowing your face some natural movement.

How will my injector customize my Botox?

At your appointment our expert providers will ask you about your goals for your face. They will ask you to move your face so that they can study how the underlying muscles change your skin to form wrinkles. Using years of experience and injection skill, they will then customize your injections to take years off your face without giving you that “frozen” look.

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