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What is Subcision?

Subcision is the use of a fine needle to break up scar tissue under certain types of acne scars. The scar tissue underneath the surface of the skin pulls the top layers of skin down, creating a depression. Most commonly these types of scars occur with severe cystic acne. They are usually found on the cheeks, temples and chin but can occur anywhere. Usually 1-2 subcisions are needed.

How Subcision is done

Injectable Lidocaine is used to numb the affected area. Once the area has become anesthetized, the physician uses a small needle all around and under the scar to break up the scar tissue and bruise the area. This bruising helps the body to stimulate collagen production thus helping to “fill” the scar, naturally.

Subscision for Acne Scarring

When will I notice a difference in my scars?

After subcision, your scars will look better after the bruising resolves, but, the process of re-collagenation takes 2 – 6 months. Your skin texture will slowly improve over 2-6 months.

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