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What sunblock do you recommend?

Use a sunscreen at least SPF 30 with 5-10% zinc on your face, neck, chest and back of hands daily. More sun protection tips can be found here.

Can I tan safely?

A tan is sun damage to the skin. Tanning either in the sun or in a tanning booth is not recommended. We recommend sunless tanning as an alternative.

How do I know if a mole is normal or dangerous?

Cancer in a mole can be cured if caught early, but can be fatal if caught late. If you have any question about a mole that seems to be changing or is different, please tell our front desk and get a skin exam from your dermatologist or primary care doctor right away.

Do I need a consult before scheduling a procedure?

If you are interested in cosmetic or aesthetic procedures, yes! Our experienced registered nurses will take the time to address your concerns and offer recommendations tailored to your desired results.

Do you offer cosmetic surgery?

All of our cosmetic procedures are non-surgical. Our goal is to provide the least-invasive, most natural looking results with treatments that are designed to rejuvenate and restore the beauty and health of your skin. You can find out more about the services we offer here.

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