Kybella™ Information

Kybella is the first FDA approved injectable treatment for under chin fat. It gives a permanent result.

What is KYBELLA?

It is an FDA-approved liquid injectable that contours and improves the appearance of moderate to severe fullness associated with under chin (submental) fat, also called “double chin,” in adults.

How many treatments will I need?  

All patients will need a minimum of 2 treatments.  The average is 2-4 treatments.  A maximum of 6 treatments may be needed for individuals with very large necks.  Once Kybella causes the destruction of fat cells in the treatment area, the result is permanent.

Will there be discomfort after my injections?  

Most patients experience mild soreness after double chin removal in Seattle, similar to a bruised/sore muscle, in the treatment area under the chin.  You may take Aleve, ibuprofen, or Tylenol as needed for discomfort.

Who should NOT use this product?

Do not have Kybella done if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have difficulty swallowing.  Be sure to tell us if you take blood thinners or have a current surgery scheduled for a face or neck lift.

What is the difference between the MiniCool and Kybella?

The Coolsculpting MiniCool was recently FDA approved as well and many patients have asked, “What’s the difference?”  (Please also see our information on Coolsculpting).  The Minicool is a fixed sized adapter head which, in my opinion, will be most useful for patients with larger necks and with the fat concentrated mostly in the center.  The Kybella is better for smaller fat pads, and necks where the fat is more spread out.  We may recommend 1 treatment with the MiniCool for larger necks and fine tuning afterwards with Kybella.  They can be used together, but not at the same treatment.

If you are interested in having this procedure done please call our front desk at 206-215-6600 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Irwin’s nurses. You must have a quick 20 minute consultation prior to scheduling a treatment. The consult is important to make sure you will get an excellent result from your treatment.