Laser Hair Reduction And Maintenance

Laser Hair Reduction treatments are useful in reducing unwanted hair on the upper lip and chin, underarms, bikini, legs, and back.  Laser Hair Reduction is helpful in reducing ingrown hairs and most people find that the skin looks and feels smoother after the series of treatments.

How does Laser Hair Reduction work?

The hair removal laser emits a specific beam of light at a wavelength that targets melanin. Melanin is the material that gives color to our hair and skin. The laser beam is able to pass through the skin and be absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicle. The ideal candidate for this procedure has hair color that is darker than their skin color. No hair removal laser treats blond or grey hair well.

Will there be any discomfort with this treatment?

There may be mild discomfort during your Seattle laser hair removal treatment, but most patients tolerate laser hair removal easily. We will provide you with a topical numbing cream that you apply one hour before each of your treatments to reduce discomfort during your treatment.

How many treatments will I need?

On average, an initial series of 5-6 treatments are performed once every four to ten weeks in our office. It is important to understand that, at any given time, a certain percentage of hairs are in the “resting” phase. The laser will not be effective on those hairs, which is why, on average, 6 treatments are necessary in each area to achieve maximum results.

Is the treatment permanent?

It is not possible, at any stage of laser hair removal in Seattle, to say that all of the hairs will be permanently eradicated in the treatment area. A typical response is 80%-90% reduction. Most patients notice that in addition to the decrease in the number of hairs, the hairs become very fine and lighter in color, which is also acceptable.

If you are interested in having this procedure done please call our front desk at (206) 215-6600 to schedule your consultation. You must have an in person consultation prior to scheduling your treatment.